FTV Girls HD高畫質寫真 Nia's - A BEAUTIFUL MIX 2

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  • Nia's adventure continues, and it starts with a very sporty version of public nudity! She's definitely got one of the most perfect and toned figures on FTV, with big naturals that draw every man's attention to her. We see her jogging down a street, with a tight sports bra and short shorts... of course, the bra comes off, and she's running topless! Watch those big breasts bounce. Then she flashes her firm butt, and visits a golf course, where she does all sorts of acrobatics on the grass, drawing the attention of golfers. Once again, she does these cartwheels and backbends topless, and gets intercepted by a curious golfer. Leaving the area, she finds another street to jog on, this time fully naked! Watch those big breasts bounce... At home, she does a striptease dance, juices herself up enough to want to masturbate again! This time she uses the Magic Wand Toy, which she's never tried before, and it ends up bringing her to another strong orgasm, with very strong vaginal contractions! We then get extreme closeups of her very prominent pink clit, and she tries some extreme gaping... opening herself wide and using her vaginal muscles to move her vaginal walls! In the bathroom, wearing cute panties, she takes them off, then slowly pushes it inside her... spreading wide you can see her panties filling her up! She then slowly pulls them out... Playing with a large glass dildo, she sits on it, trying to go as deep as possible, then uses a large thick dildo to fuck herself (but giving it a deepthroat blowjob first) while we get great views of her butt and the penetration, going right down to the base! She tries out the rabbit vibrator for the first time, and wow, what an orgasm it turns into! Later in the day, we see her in a cute white summer dress and sexy tan heels, parading around a mall, giving us upskirt shots of her cute panties underneath, and teasing that firm butt! Going to a resort area, she ends up masturbating with a portable vibrator to another orgasm, right out in the open! Getting even kinkier, she uses an eggplant like a dildo, fucking herself with it in several different positions! Then she wanders around the resort naked... We see her the next morning, going for another run, which ends up becoming a topless jog before going back home, getting naked, and fingering herself on the bed. Then she ends up fisting herself! Her whole hand goes in, as deep as she can, fucking herself and pushing her limits. Then she gapes herself with six fingers, opening super wide! Then she has one last orgasm, using the Vibraking Toy, finding it to be one of the most pleasureable orgasms of her life! We then get one last look at her hard, toned body at the pool as she gets herself wet, and gives herself a hard breast massage. Busty, sexy, and very sexual, she's one of those rare gems we really get excited about on FTV :)